Based on a true story

When it was released on VHS and played on the Disney Channel. It has since gained a modest yet enthusiastic following.

The soundtrack to Newsies was released in 1992 by Disney. A remastered reissue was released in 2001. The music was composed by Alan Menken and the lyrics were written by Jack Feldman.

Track listing
Prologue 0:48
Carrying the Banner 6:15
Santa Fe 4:18
My Lovey-Dovey Baby 1:30
Fightin' Irish: Strike Action 1:50
The World Will Know 3:20
Escape from Snyder 2:08
Seize the Day 2:01
King of New York 2:25
High Times, Hard Times 2:54
Seize the Day (Chorale) 1:12
Santa Fe (Reprise) 1:50
Rooftop 3:13
Once and for All 2:24
The World Will Know (Reprise) 1:50
Carrying the Banner (Finale) 6:22